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STACKS operates its logistics using the powerful, deeply integrated platform Cargowise One. Our various investments in Africa Tech startups such as the digital transport platform Picup and the in-house development of the MSIKA Blockchain platform showcases our dedication to technology.

Picup is a disruptive digital platform shaping the future of transport logistics in Africa. Their delivery and freight marketplace offers long, middle and last-mile options for shippers and transporters have the ability to manage their fleet through an integrated (TMS) Transport Management System. The technology offers real-time geo-localisation, routing and backhaul optimisation, along with a verified identification and system to ensure its crowdsourced driver base is adequately vetted. STACKS is proud to have become the latest equity partner of Picup and further signed the agency to roll-out the platform in West Africa.

Currently in development, MSIKA is a blockchain platform enabling finance and trade through Collateral Management. The vision is to provide full transparency on the exchange of information, flows and documentation based on shared ledger technology. The Platform will create an ecosystem where the warehouse operator, collateral manager, insurance, inspection company, finance and trade partners will have access to the same verified information.

MSIKA will enable small & medium size enterprises and farmers to access affordable financing through stock financing, backed by collateral management. The users will be able to select their closest warehouse, finance their goods and have the option to market their commodities on various e-commerce and traditional trading platforms.

By connecting MSIKA to our digital crowdsourced Transport platform Picup, we will enable users to fully trace the supply & value chain of any commodity up to the farmers and access markets through our distribution network. 

CargoWise One is a single-platform software solution, designed to increase productivity and improve integration, automation, and communication with the supply chain. It integrates your business with your customers and partners, streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency, visibility, and profitability of your operations.

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