At STACKS, we are aware that when handling temperature-controlled goods, you require a reliable partner with a specialised skill-set.

We work with the best local experts in their field, who support product excellence by ensuring optimum storage and transport conditions. We strive to add value in your cold chain by reducing transit time and costs, while always considering the seasonality and shelf life of a product.

As members of a global perishable logistics network, we can provide you with door to door services across the globe with customized solutions to meet your requirements.

Our Perishable Services Include:

  • Specialised documentation
  • Preshipment cooling
  • Cold storage solutions
  • Multimodal transport: Sea / Air / Road
  • Door to door services through our cold chain perishable network
  • Dedicated gensets, cartage and plug points
  • Packaging to prevent moisture loss for airfreight
  • In-transit USB temperature monitoring

Recommended temperature settings

Our table below provides an example of recommended temperature setting information excluding vent and humidity settings.

Item Temperature Item Temperature
Apples (fresh)
-1°C to +4°C
Avocados (fresh)
+4°C to +13°C
Blueberries (fresh)
-1°C to 0°C
Butter (frozen)
-18°C or colder
Cheese (chilled)
0°C to +10°C
Chocolate (chilled)
+8°C to +18°C
Fish (frozen)
-18°C or colder
French fries (frozen)
-18°C or colder
Garlic (fresh)
-3°C to +1°C
Grapes (fresh)
-1°C to 0°C
Ice cream (frozen)
-22°C or colder
Lemons (fresh)
+10°C to +14°C
Mangoes (fresh)
+8°C to +14°C
Margarine (chilled)
0°C to +18°C
Meat (frozen)
-18°C or colder
Onions (fresh)
0°C to +8°C
Oranges (fresh)
+2°C to +10°C
Pears (fresh)
-1.5°C to 0°C
Potatoes (fresh)
+10°C to +15°C
Vegetables (frozen)
-18°C or colder

Products we handle

Seafood products



Meat and poultry products


Dairy and cheese products

Frozen pastries and baked goods


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