Liquid Bulk

Are you looking for a cost-efficient and sustainable solution to transport your liquids?

With a legacy of providing innovative, cost-effective supply chain solutions, benefit from our extensive experience and global network to connect your cargo to any of our locations. Through our Bulk Liquid Vertical, we develop and implement transportation and logistics solutions for standardised bulk, chemical products and high-quality liquid foodstuff. Our team is fully aware of the difficult nature of liquids and how critically important it is for these products to be handled with care.

ISO Tanks

We are proud to represent VandenBosch as their agent in South Africa. VandenBosch specialises in the transport of food grade bulk liquid transportation in Isotanks with a focus on movements between Europe and Africa and Interafrica.

Advantages of ISO Tanks

  • Optimal payload of 26,000 liters
  • Suitable for IMO classified liquids
  • Ideal for products that need to be heated to be unloaded (steam or glycol)
  • No additional handling required
  • No risk of leakage
  • Fast run loading process
  • Better product insulation, so less temperature loss


We have an exclusive agreement with TRUST Flexitanks. TRUST is the only company in Europe who manufactures both Monolayer and Multilayer Flexitanks in the same factory. This allows us to offer the ideal tank for each type of product and customer profile. Our flexible logistics allow us to service orders with the maximum speed and efficiency. Quality of our Flexitanks is reflected in the certificates demanded by the industry, as well as regulatory entities and bodies.

Advantages of Flexitanks

  • Flexitanks can be used at low positioning costs worldwide
  • No cost for cleaning
  • Suitable for one way use
  • No contamination risk
  • 100% recyclable

Industries we serve

Wine, Beer & Spirits


Oils & Fats

Food Grade


Recovery of Equipment


We understand the complexities of Liquid Bulk transportation

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